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B2B for SAP Commerce Cloud

B2B for SAP Commerce Cloud

Learn how to add B2B features to your SAP Commerce Cloud Storefront.

SAP Commerce Cloud exposes different endpoints for B2C, and B2B logic, such as adding an item to the cart. By default the Alokai Storefront ships with the B2C implementation of the Unified Methods. To add B2B features to your SAP Commerce Cloud Storefront, you need to overwrite the default methods with the B2B methods in your middleware configuration.


The @vsf-enterprise/unified-api-sapcc package contains already the @vsf-enterprise/unified-api-sapcc/b2b subpath export which contains the Unified Methods implementation for B2B.

In the apps/storefront-middleware/middleware.config.ts file:

  1. Import the b2b methods
import { methods as b2bApiMethods } from '@vsf-enterprise/unified-api-sapcc/b2b';
  1. Extend the unifiedApiExtension methods with the b2bApiMethods property.
export const unifiedApiExtension = createUnifiedExtension({
  methods: {
    override: {

As some of the SAP Commerce Cloud API endpoints are the same for B2C and B2B, the b2bApiMethods will override only the implementation for:

  • getCustomer
  • loginCustomer
  • updateCustomer
  • addCartLineItem
  • updateCartLineItem

As the B2B methods implement the same contract of the Unified Methods as B2C methods, there is no need to change the Storefront code.


To find out more, how to add additional features to the SAP Commerce Cloud B2B Storefront, check the modules.