# Installation

Integration relies on 2 packages from bloomreach team, install them by

npm install @bloomreach/spa-sdk@saas @bloomreach/vue-sdk@saas @vsf-enterprise/bloomreach-content @vsf-enterprise/cms-components


yarn add @bloomreach/spa-sdk@saas @bloomreach/vue-sdk@saas @vsf-enterprise/bloomreach-content @vsf-enterprise/cms-components

After installation is complete, run this 2 scripts:

node node_modules/@vsf-enterprise/cms-components/cli.js &&
node node_modules/@vsf-enterprise/bloomreach-content/cli.js

This will copy all the necessary components from the @vsf-enterprise/bloomreach-content and @vsf-enterprise/cms-components packages to your project.

To register components add this notation to your nuxt.config.js.

  components: [{ path: '~/components/cms/page', prefix: '' }],
  // rest of the config


If you're using Nuxt bellow the 2.12.0 version you need to add @nuxt/components module.