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Builder acceleration

Builder acceleration

Your journey with Builder will most likely start with a clean environment. The Alokai team will populate it with content types parallel to your frontend setup. They are divided into three groups: pages, sections and structured data.

See it yourself

You can view the existing content types by navigating to the content menu in the Builder visual editor.

This is just a beginning

The default set of content types provided by Alokai is just a starting point. Use them as a foundation and as an example to help you to develop your project further.


The default setup provided by Alokai includes content types for all frontend components such as Banner, Grid, Hero and Scrollable.

Sections are set with the name of the frontend component used for rendering items of this content type and they are not tightly coupled.

For example: by default, items of type Banner are rendered by the Banner component. But, if you decide to use another component instead, you can add a custom component, register it and use it in visual editor.

Structured data

Structured data are used by components content types whenever some more complex field structure is needed. For example, MegaMenu or Footer use a model named Subcategory which has two fields: Label and Link.

Structured data are schemas that are parts of component, filling it with data in some previously defined way.


Pages are the last step towards building dynamic pages. They allow you to create content items grouping your components and fetch them with a single API call. The default Alokai setup ships with the one main default Page, which is provided by Builder, with the Storefront UI components layout.

Page comes with only two main fields: title and description and can consists of many sections. It's a basic model upon which you can build your own implementation for specific purposes. Alokai provides you with a ready homepage built with sections based on ecommerce components coming from Storefront UI library. It can be used to add any type of component in any combination.