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You can configure the Contentstack integration by adding the following properties to the cnts object in the middleware.config.js file:

module.exports = {
  integrations: {
    cnts: {
      location: '@vsf-enterprise/contentstack-api/server',
      configuration: {
        key: 'CONTENT_DELIVERY_KEY',
        token: 'CONTENT_DELIVERY_TOKEN',
        env: 'CONTENT_ENV',
        branch: 'CONTENT_BRANCH',
        region: 'REGION_KEY' // (set 'EU' for European data center, remove for US)]
        livePreview: {
          managementToken: 'MANAGEMENT_TOKEN',
          enable: true,
          host: 'CONTENT_HOST',
        fetchOptions: {
          timeout: 'TIMEOUT',
          retryLimit: 'RETRY_LIMIT',
          retryDelay: 'RETRY_DELAY',
          retryCondition: (error) => true,

Fetch Options

This feature provides options to manipulate request timeout. Available options:

  • timeout - The number of ms to timeout request. [default: 30000],
  • retryLimit - The number of retries before failure. [default: 5],
  • retryDelay - The number of ms to use for operation retries. [default: 300],
  • retryCondition- A function to determine if the error can be retried. [default: retry on statuses 408, 429].

Live preview

This feature provides options to enable the Contentstack Live Preview. Available options:

  • managementToken - The management token to access the Contentstack Live Preview,
  • enable - Enable or disable the Live Preview,
  • host - The host of the Contentstack Live Preview.