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Patch Changes

Update axios to ^0.28.0 to mitigate security vulnerability CVE-2023-45857


Major Changes

  • CHANGED Changed minimum Node version from 16 to 18. The condition that was forcing the Node version to be lower than 19 is also removed.


Minor Changes

  • CHANGED Update axios library from ^0.27.2 to 1.6.8. This change is non-breaking and should not require any changes to your codebase. To read more about latest changes in axios library, please visit axios release notes.
  • CHANGED Starting from contentstack js sdk version 3.19, the LivePreview 2.0 has been released. To enable this feature, a new token previewToken has been added to the middleware.config object. The old 'management_token' is now deprecated and will be removed in future versions. The preview_token is currently optional but will be required in future versions. For more information about live preview, please refer to the official documentation.

Change is backward compatible, you do not need to update the middleware.config however we recommend updating configuration to the new format.

To migrate to the new version, please update the middleware.config file in your project as follows:

  integrations: {
    cntf: {
      location: "@vsf-enterprise/contentstack-api/server",
      configuration: {
        // ...
        livePreview: {
           /** managementToken: "some-token", **/ // remove this line
           previewToken: "some-preview-token", // add this line
          enable: true,
          host: "", // Update the host to the preview host


Minor Changes

  • 4af65fe: ADDED Added new addQuery param for the getContent method. The values passed to it will be used to call query.addQuery() internally.
    See the Contentstack documentation for addQuery for more information.
    const content = await sdk.cms.getContent({
      id: "blt9fb6f1c06ef8549e",
      addQuery: { include_dimension: true },


Minor Changes

  • 80eeb99: Support for only feature.


Minor Changes

  • 2f9d766: Add includeFallback property to automatically include the published fallback language content in your API response (more info here).


Minor Changes

  • Add includeFallback property to automatically include the published fallback language content in your API response.


Minor Changes

  • bumped axios version to ^0.27.2 and @vue-storefront/middleware version to ^3.5.0 which introduces support for HTTP GET requests


Major Changes

  • initial release