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In this section, we will cover the basics of baskets. We will show you how to use baskets in a variety of ways.


In SalesForce Commerce Cloud SDK module, we provide a set of methods to work with baskets. You can create a basket, add products to a basket, remove products from a basket, and update products in a basket. Also, there is a way to add coupons, gift certificates, and payment instruments to a basket. Additionally, you can set billing information and customer information for a basket.


createBasketCreate a basket
getBasketGets a basket
addProductsToBasketAdds product to a basket
removeProductFromBasketRemoves product from a basket
updateProductInBasketUpdate product in a basket
addCouponToBasketAdds coupon to a basket
removeCouponFromBasketRemoves coupon from a basket
addGiftCertificateToBasketAdds gift certificate to a basket
removeGiftCertificateFromBasketRemoves gift certificate from a basket
updateGiftCertificateInBasketUpdates gift certificate in a basket
addPaymentInstrumentToBasketAdds payment instrument to a basket
removePaymentInstrumentFromBasketRemoves payment instrument from a basket
updatePaymentInstrumentInBasketUpdates payment instrument in a basket
setBasketBillingAddressSets basket billing information
setBasketCustomerInfoSets basket customer information