# Internationalization

Internationalization support added in version 1.1.0. The PrestaShop integration supports single language by default. However, to support multi-language we need to do some configurations.

# How to enable multi-lang support?

To get multi-language support working properly, we need to enable the desired languages on both PrestaShop BO and VSF integration (within nuxt configuration). To enable your desired languages in front side, first locate the packages/theme/nuxt.config.js file and then try to add your language in i18n.locales section.

# Multi-currency

Once you have added languages, you can bind each language to a currency. You can do this in the nuxt configurations through numberFormats. Locate the packages/theme/nuxt.config.js file and try to add language currency settings in numberFormats. This way, when user tries to change language the currency will be changed based on these settings. If you see this is a limitation, you can disable it and customize it yourself. To do it, set autoChangeCookie.currency to false .

For more info about Vue Storefront localization you can take a look at this link (opens new window).

# List of supported languages

  • English (default)
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

# Contribute to add a new language

Language files are located at packages/theme/lang directory, you can make a copy of en.js and then rename it and then try to translate the value part of the translation file.