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The Alokai SDK simplifies the development process by providing pre-built functionality to enables seamless interaction between your storefront and various Commerce Platforms and third-party services.

By utilizing the Alokai SDK, you can establish a type-safe contract between your storefront and various APIs with the help of the Server Middleware acting as a proxy.

Key Features

  • Type-safe - The SDK is fully typed, so you can use it with confidence.
  • Plugin architecture - The SDK is built on a plugin architecture that allows you to extend its functionality with ease.
  • Modular - You can use multiple integrations at once, and they won't interfere with each other.
  • Customizable - You can extend the SDK to add new methods, modify existing methods, and more
  • Framework-agnostic - The SDK is written in TypeScript, so you can use it with any JS framework


The SDK has two components:

  1. The SDK Core - the core package, @vue-storefront/sdk, that initializes all modules and implements the plug-in architecture
  2. Modules - pluggable pieces of code as standalone packages that integrate into the core to add functionality (eg.: middlewareModule)

In most cases, you would use middlewareModule with different configurations - but you can also create your own modules.

Example Usage

Once a module is initialized, it can be used to interact with the server middleware.

import { sdk } from '~/sdk'

await sdk.exampleModule.doSomething(); // <- fully-typed

These SDK methods will then call a corresponding middleware endpoint. This means that you don't have to worry about creating your own API calls to work a service's API. Instead, you can use the integration SDK to get the data you need.

And since the SDK is written in TypeScript, the data returned from the methods will be fully typed - meaning you can catch some errors earlier.