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In this section, we will cover the basics of cart. We will show you how to add products to cart, update cart items, remove cart items, and get cart totals.


Cart is the hearth of any eCommerce store. It is the place where customers add products to buy, update quantities, remove products, and finally checkout. In this section, we will show you how to interact with cart using various methods.

Methods in this section are divided into two groups: guest cart methods and customer cart methods. Guest cart methods are used when the customer is not logged in, while customer cart methods are used when the customer is logged in.

Using listed method you can implement the full cart functionality in your storefront integration.


cartMethod to fetch/guestrt data
customerCartMethod to fetch logged in customer cart data
createEmptyCartMethod to create a new cart
updateCartItemsMethod to update cart items
removeItemFromCartMethod to remove item from cart
applyCouponToCartMethod to apply coupon to cart
removeCouponFromCartMethod to remove coupon from cart
cartTotalQtyMethod to fetch cart total items quantity
mergeCartsMethod to merge guest and logged in customer carts