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Checkout in e-commerce is the process of selecting and paying for items in a shopping cart. The checkout process is one of the most important parts of an e-commerce website. It is the final step a user must take before completing a purchase on an online store.


We provide a set of methods that allow you to implement the full checkout functionality in your storefront integration. These methods are divided into two groups: guest checkout methods and customer checkout methods. Guest checkout methods are used when the customer is not logged in, while customer checkout methods are used when the customer is logged in.


getAvailableShippingMethodsMethod to fetch guest available shipping methods
getAvailablePaymentMethodsMethod to fetch guest available payment methods
getAvailableCustomerShippingMethodsMethod to fetch customer available sipping methods
getAvailableCustomerPaymentMethodsMethod to fetch customer available payment methods
getCustomerAddressesMethod to fetch customer addresses
setShippingAddressesOnCartMethod to set shipping addresses on cart
setBillingAddressOnCartMethod to set billing addresse on cart
setShippingMethodsOnCartMethod to set shipping methods on cart
setPaymentMethodOnCartMethod to set payment method on cart
setGuestEmailOnCartMethod to set email on the guest cart
placeOrderMethod to place an order