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Since version 2.0.0, Alokai's integration for SAP Commerce Cloud allows you to work with multiple Base Sites and Base Stores within a single application instance.

Good to know

Before you follow this guide, we strongly recommend you read the official SAP Commerce Cloud documentation on Base Sites and Base Stores.

Alokai Storefront

The steps necessary to set up a multistore have been described in the Multistore configuration guide.

Custom setup

If you are not using the Alokai Storefront, you can still set up a multistore solution.

The solution is based on @vue-storefront/multistore package. You can find the documentation here.

An example configuration of multistore.config.ts has been described in the Multistore configuration guide.

Using multistore extension with a similar configuration as in the guide will make your Alokai Middleware compatible with the multistore solution.