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Alokai SAP OCC Extension

Alokai SAP OCC Extension


Alokai extends the capabilities of SAP Commerce Cloud with the Alokai OCC Extension. Starting with something small, but very useful, the extension provides a new endpoint - getProductByIds.

Since v5.2.0 of @vsf-enterprise/sapcc-api, the new endpoint is available for use in your Alokai Storefront.

In the future, we plan to add more endpoints to the extension to further enhance the capabilities of your storefront.

If you don't have the Alokai OCC Extension installed in your SAP Commerce Cloud, please contact our support team to help you with the installation process.

New endpoint

This new endpoint allows you to fetch details for multiple products simultaneously by specifying their IDs, significantly improving the performance and usability of your storefront. It's especially useful for scenarios where you're using an orchestration feature to combine multiple requests into a single one.

In the base SAP Commerce Cloud, you can:

  • fetch details for a single product at a time, which can be very inefficient when you need to fetch details for multiple products,
  • fetch details for multiple products by specifying a category or a keyword, but you can't specify the exact products you want to fetch.

You can find the details of the getProductByIds endpoint in the API Reference.