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Setup of the Alokai module

Setup of the Alokai module

The third part of the setup is installing Stripe integration for commercetools in your Alokai middleware.

yarn add @vsf-enterprise/stripe-commercetools@^3


Add @vsf-enterprise/stripe-commercetools/server integration to the middleware with the following configuration:

// middleware.config.js

module.exports = {
  integrations: {
    // ...
    stripe: {
      location: '@vsf-enterprise/stripe-commercetools/server',
      configuration: {
        ctApi: {
          apiHost: "",
          authHost: "",
          projectKey: "my-project",
          clientId: "***",
          clientSecret: "***",
          scopes: [
        stripe: {
          profile: 'stripeProfile1'
  • configuration:
    • ctApi - An object containing credentials of your commercetools API client. Please refer to our documentation for commercetools integration for more information. Two notable differences are that:
      • the scopes array must contain manage_orders, manage_payments, and view_orders and your API client must have access to these scopes,
      • apiHost should only contain the base URL, without the path to the GraphQL endpoint. For example, https://<SHOP_DOMAIN>.com/ instead of https://<SHOP_DOMAIN>.com/vsf-ct-dev/graphql.
    • stripe:
      • profile - As prepared by us, Stripe commercetools extension supports multitenancy. This field's value allows to differentiate Stripe merchant accounts. o