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Changelog of the extension Module

Changelog of the extension Module

2.0.1 - 23.03.2023

  • internal fixes.

2.0.0 - 14.03.2023

  • support for config encoded via base64,
  • start script is listening on specified port by default,
  • documentation shows how to register commercetools extension to be called only for ctp-stripe-integration payment interface,
  • support for Basic authentication.

2.0.0-c.0 - 01.03.2023

  • based on standard version of Stripe API (earlier, it was 2020-08-27; server_side_confirmation_beta=v1),
  • removed support for confirmPayment request, now it should be handled with stripe.confirmPayment call on the frontend,
  • removed confirmPaymentIntentRequest and confirmPaymentIntentResponse fields from ctp-stripe-payment-elements-payment-type payment type.

1.0.0 - 01.09.2022

  • First version's release