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UseCartAddressesComposable interface

Composable method allowing to manage cart addresses


export interface UseCartAddressesComposable 


Property Type Description
addEmail (props: AddCartEmailProps) => Promise<void> A method for assigning an email to a cart.
create (props: CreateCartAddressProps) => Promise<void> A method for creating a new delivery address for a cart.
error ComputedRef<UseCartAddressesError> An indicator of useConsents composable methods errors.
loading ComputedRef<UseCartAddressesLoading> An indicator of useCartAddressesLoading composable methods progress.
remove (props?: BaseProps) => Promise<void> A method for deleting delivery address from a cart.
replace (props: ReplaceCartAddressProps) => Promise<void> A method for setting an exsiting address as a cart delivery address.