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Change Log

Change Log


Major Changes

  • CHANGED Changed minimum Node version from 16 to 18. The condition that was forcing the Node version to be lower than 19 is also removed.

Patch Changes

  • Updated dependencies:
    • @vsf-enterprise/commercetools-types@2.0.0


Patch Changes

  • FIXED: Added export of the Endpoints type because it was missing.


Patch Changes

  • FIXED Added missing export for CommercetoolsIntegrationContext type


Major Changes

  • CHANGED Endpoints and ApiMethods interfaces has been standarized. Previously, in Endpoints interface, each endpoint contained context param, which is internal and shouldn't be exposed in the final interface. Now, Endpoints interface properties don't contain context param. Previously, ApiMethods interface didn't contain context param, but now it does. This change is made to make the interfaces more consistent with other integrations.
- import { Endpoints } from '@vsf-enterprise/commercetools-api';
+ import { ApiMethods } from '@vsf-enterprise/commercetools-api';
  • CHANGED ContextualizedEndpoints type. Use Endpoints instead.
- import { ContextualizedEndpoints } from '@vsf-enterprise/commercetools-api';
+ import { Endpoints } from '@vsf-enterprise/commercetools-api';
  • CHANGED CommercetoolsContext has been renamed to CommercetoolsIntegrationContext.
- import { CommercetoolsContext } from '@vsf-enterprise/commercetools-api';
+ import { CommercetoolsIntegrationContext } from '@vsf-enterprise/commercetools-api';


Patch Changes

  • CHANGED CommercetoolsContext from type to interface to allow declaration merging.


Patch Changes

  • FIXED Prevent getCategory method from throwing an error if Commercetools GraphQL API returns at least one GraphQL error that too many categories were fetched in one response. Now, the getCategory will just return the category data it received (with some categories missing, due to the GraphQL error) rather than receiving the response, and discarding it because there was at least one GraphQL error.


Minor Changes

  • ADDED Methods that return/modify the address will now return/allow modifying the "salutation" field. The methods `setCart


Patch Changes

  • CHANGED Updated @apollo/client dependency from version ^3.3.21 to version 3.8.7 in the api-client package. Because of changes in the @apollo/client package, we had to update the @apollo/client dependency in the api-client package. For versions of integration package 1.10.2 upwards, you should resolve the @apollo/client dependency to version 3.8.4 in your project, otherwise it might stop working properly.


Patch Changes

  • ADDED Defining the channel type for createAddLineItemAction method


Patch Changes

  • FIXED Some products in category view were not displaying prices.


Patch Changes

  • FIXED Restore types removed by accident
  • FIXED Added missing typings for the addReview method.


Patch Changes

  • FIXED Visibility issue with commercetools prices when defining price variants through channels.


Minor Changes

  • ADDED possibility to send cookie-independent requests via SDK to integration's GET endpoints in order to cache their response

Patch Changes

  • CHANGED Updated @vsf-enterprise/commercetools-types to 1.13.0


Note: This is the same change as in version 1.22.1, but backported to the 1.20.x version.

Patch Changes

  • FIXED Prevent getCategory method from throwing an error if Commercetools GraphQL API returns at least one GraphQL error that too many categories were fetched in one response. Now, the getCategory will just return the category data it received (with some categories missing, due to the GraphQL error) rather than receiving the response, and discarding it because there was at least one GraphQL error.


Patch Changes

  • ADDED Customer Fragment: Incorporated a new 'salutation' field to better structure customer data. This enhancement facilitates more personalized interactions when querying customer details.


Minor Changes

  • CHANGED Updated @vue-storefront/middleware to ^3.5.0 which introduces support for HTTP GET requests.


Patch Changes

  • ADDED Allow importing cookie-related constants from the package


Patch Changes

  • FIXED Fix circular dependencies within the package


Minor Changes

  • ADDED Add support for Node 18: >= 16 && < 19


Minor Changes

  • CHANGED Deprecated SetupContext, context is now available on CommercetoolsContext


Minor Changes

  • CHANGED Updated middleware to the latest version

Patch Changes

  • FIXED Fixed incorrect context type


Minor Changes

  • CHANGED Updated middleware to the latest version


Minor Changes

  • ADDED getStores api-client endpoint is now filterable
  • ADDED Added getStores method

Patch Changes

  • CHANGED Updated @vsf-enterprise/commercetools-types to 1.12.0


Minor Changes

  • ADDED Support for customer group's prices in each endpoint


Minor Changes

  • ADDED We've added a middleware config property that forces recreation of the client for each request

Patch Changes

  • CHANGED Disabled queryDeduplication in ApolloClient to prevent mixing responses when sharing its single instance between requests


  • BREAKING In the response types of the getFacet method, we've changed the type of the fields rootCategory and currentCategory to Category. Previously the type of those fields was set to any by mistake.
    import { sdk } from "~/sdk.config.ts";
    const { rootCategory, currentCategory } = await sdk.getFacet({
      categorySlug: "men",
    console.log(rootCategory?.name, currentCategory?.name);
  • ADDED Add new feature to fetch attributeDefinitions for localized filter labels to getFacetProductProjection API method (composables only)
    import { useFacet } from "@vsf-enterprise/commercetools";
    import { defineComponent } from "@nuxtjs/composition-api";
    export default defineComponent({
      name: "MyComponent",
      setup() {
      const { search, result } = useFacet("relatedProducts");
        search().then(() => { console.log( });
  • ADDED Add SignInParams type alias This aligns the name with the already existing SignUpParams
    import { SignInParams, SignUpParams } from "@vsf-enterprise/commercetools";

Migration guide

This migration guide describes how to migrate to @vsf-enterprise/commercetools@1.12.0.

Run the following command in your repository root, where the package.json file is located: yarn add @vsf-enterprise/commercetools@1.12.0

Remember that the type of rootCategory and currentCategory fields is now Category | null, and not any anymore. Ensure that you get no TypeScript compilation errors in the files where getFacet is used and the rootCategory and currentCategory fields are used.

  const someFunction = (category: Category) => {}
  const { rootCategory, currentCategory } = await sdk.getFacet({ categorySlug: 'men' });
- someFunction(rootCategory);
- someFunction(currentCategory);
+ someFunction(rootCategory!);
+ someFunction(currentCategory!);


  • FIXED We've added the missing count property in the categories of getFacet endpoint response
    const facet = await sdk.commerce.getFacet({ categorySlug: "men" });
    console.log(facet.categories[0].count); // before this update, accessing .count would result in TypeScript compilation error

Migration Guide

This migration guide describes how to migrate to @vsf-enterprise/commercetools@1.11.1.

Run the following command in your repository root, where the package.json file is located:

  1. yarn add @vsf-enterprise/commercetools@1.11.1


As of version 1.11.0 of the @vsf-enterprise/commercetools-api integration, the recommended way of communicating with the middleware (where the integration runs) is through the Alokai SDK.

For Alokai, the SDK is the way forward. It's where the newest features will be developed and access to new Commercetools endpoints will be added. Composables on the other hand, will receive only critical fixes.

For an extensive overview of your migration options, please see the migration guide


  • ADDED Ensured compatibility with the @vsf-enterprisecommercetools-sdk package, in addition to the already existing @vsf-enterprise/commercetools composable package.
  • ADDED getFacet API endpoint
    Consuming this endpoint is only possible through the SDK or by a raw request to the middleware. There is no equivalent in composables.
    See the example usage of the associated getFacet method in the Alokai Commercetools SDK below:
    import { sdk } from "~/sdk.config.ts";
    const { categories } = await sdk.getFacet({ categorySlug: "men" });
  • ADDED deleteReview API endpoint
    Consuming this endpoint is only possible through the SDK or by a raw request to the middleware. There is no equivalent in composables.
    See the example usage of the associated deleteProductReview method in the Alokai Commercetools SDK:
    import { sdk } from "~/sdk.config.ts";
    const { review } = await sdk.commerce.deleteProductReview({
      id: "c9e9a3c8-547f-4bc0-907d-4805423e803b",
      version: 1,
  • REMOVED There is no longer a dependency on the @vue-storefront/core package, because the SDK is framework agnostic and does not depend on Nuxt modules.
  • ADDED There is a new dependency on the @vue-storefront/middleware@^3.0.0 package.
    Most importantly, it provides the apiClientFactory function. It defines the plugin interface for how all integrations register themselves with the middleware. This Commercetools integration also needs to adhere to this interface.


  • ADDED Added separated middleware support for multiple domains
  • CHANGED Updated @vue-storefront/core and related Nuxt modules to packages in v2.7.5


  • CHANGED init function and token flow improvement
  • CHANGED Upgrade @vsf-enterprise/middleware to 2.7.2


  • ADDED Allow using separated middleware with multiple domains
  • CHANGED Return raw response when using customQuery in useProduct composable


  • ADDED Allow passing custom query to customerUpdateMe
  • CHANGED Improve Time To First Byte (TTFB) in benchmarks by reducing API response size
  • CHANGED Revert init function to previous version
  • FIXED Cart is no longer cleared when choosing store in shipping step
  • FIXED Add missing key back to getFacetCategories
  • FIXED Fixed links to products in order history
  • FIXED Unable to place an order with an invalid coupon
  • FIXED Handle cart discount invalid state


  • ADDED Added customFilters option to useProduct composable in search method
  • ADDED Added option to reload cart
  • ADDED init function for middleware
  • FIXED Product page SSR error
  • FIXED "State" and "Province" fields in My Account page cover one another
  • FIXED getCategories hardcoded limit param


  • ADDED Separated middleware initialization
  • ADDED Prevent out of stock purchase for Click&Collect
  • ADDED Added empty cart page
  • ADDED Reduced size of product page
  • ADDED Language change without full page reload
  • ADDED Added method getCategorySlugs for productGetters
  • FIXED Replaced SfHero carousel with SfBanner on homepage
  • FIXED Divided sections on shipping and billing pages
  • FIXED Disappearing padding in StoreLocator component
  • FIXED clickOutside directive from SFUI
  • FIXED Title from SfMegaMenuColumn in SearchResults is not clickable anymore
  • FIXED Unified order summary on desktop view
  • FIXED Redirect to 404 page on PDP when error occurs
  • FIXED Alignment of products on category page


  • ADDED Saved checkout steps
  • ADDED Unifying Click&Collect behavior - Storelocator page removal
  • ADDED Remove all items from the cart
  • ADDED Added login button in checkout
  • ADDED Added loaders for product cards
  • ADDED Added pagination for reviews on PDP
  • FIXED Removed redundant aria-label from buttons / CLS on PLP
  • FIXED Duplicated products in the cart
  • FIXED Fixed adding promo code on payment step
  • FIXED Fix redirect on checkout
  • FIXED Unable to enter my account page
  • FIXED Bottom navigation overlapping lang modal
  • FIXED Payment method "cash on delivery" is cached after one purchase


  • ADDED Seo improvements
  • ADDED Add new checkout step - customer email
  • ADDED Middleware separation
  • ADDED Support for screen reader
  • ADDED Added empty states
  • ADDED Add linking to products in cart sidebar
  • CHANGED Hide categories when it not contains any products
  • CHANGED Links renamed
  • CHANGED Update SFUI to 0.13.2
  • CHANGED Change functional anchors to buttons
  • CHANGED Node version bump, LTS
  • CHANGED Bundle size optimization
  • FIXED Adding and editing addresses in my account
  • FIXED Breadcrumbs linking
  • FIXED Edit button in payment does not work
  • FIXED Wrong language icon
  • FIXED Add custom ClientSideOnly component
  • FIXED Use client-only instead isMounted
  • FIXED Bug with customQuery in useUser.register
  • FIXED Search results cannot be closed
  • FIXED Hide categories when it not contains any products
  • FIXED Fixed storelocator badge position
  • FIXED Lang files missing comma
  • FIXED Pass custom query on to original api method


Bug Fixes

  • add missing key back to getFacetCategories
  • fixed images not showing on product list pages


  • custom query for customerUpdateMe


Please note that these changes are available in version 1.8.3

Bug Fixes

  • getCategories hardcoded limit param
  • added option customFilters for useProduct composable in search method


Bug Fixes

  • added missing store locator icon on mobile devices
  • add option to overwrite enhanceProduct function
  • calculating shipping price with discount
  • removed unnecessary checkbox on register screen


  • filter products by channel
  • getCart api method is now deprecated
  • added http-cache module


This version is now deprecated. Please use 1.7.2 instead.

Bug Fixes

  • state dropdown is no longer shown when not needed


  • added support for custom field in setShippingAddressAction and setBillingAddressAction
  • added extra parameter for addReview and getReview in useReview composable - where
  • additional field in customer update api call - date of birth
  • added form for submitting review


Bug Fixes

  • added missing styles for sf-store
  • PLP filters are removed on page reload
  • selecting billing address redirects to the home page
  • remove setting variable based on header's value
  • missing app object for Category page
  • pass customQuery to useFacet
  • thank you page addBasePathFilter error
  • unable to change language after store change
  • wishlist import


  • upgrade SFUI in the theme
  • add store configuration from nuxt.config.js
  • add ui notification system
  • store-locator design on channel change
  • export composables helpers
  • add nuxt-image module
  • remove mobile observer
  • set modern=client mode
  • click and collect shipping method
  • add change method to useChannel
  • add agentkeepalive
  • update types


Bug Fixes

  • change docker namespace
  • security: added secure flag for token cookie


  • cache control module - remove cache from theme
  • add customQuery for getCart
  • export composables helpers
  • native API error handling


Bug Fixes

  • tokenProvider.invalidateTokenInfo() is not a function error
  • add missing env example for Multistore
  • redis environment variables names collision
  • use locale param instead of acceptLanguage for faceting api functions
  • fixes broken usage of customQuery in useProduct composable
  • fix HTML missmatch onSSR for Home.vue
  • add languageMap configuration for facet accepted language
  • fixed logo not loading while page refresh
  • fixed vue warn due to invalid component name
  • removing mockedSearchProducts
  • fix double mounting carousel component
  • wishlist not being fetched nor refreshed upon login and logout actions
  • breadcrumbs mismatch url
  • added missing type for ProductsSearchParams
  • remove deprecation warning for mode universal
  • handle error after createMyOrderFromCart request
  • nuxt module declaration
  • possibility to add products to the cart/wishlist from related
  • update deprecated apollo-link and apollo-client
  • error while deleting shipping addresses
  • search results add to cart wishlist


  • billing and shipping address not present in checkout
  • add composable to get all languages information
  • get project settings
  • upgrading from nuxt-i18n to nuxtjs/i18n
  • added priceTransform helper
  • add base path in templates
  • added StoreLocator component
  • add channels api and composable
  • add useInventory
  • multistore feature flag
  • add SameSite cookie attribute
  • backport composables from enterprise packages
  • performance improvements
  • remove unnecessary css
  • add multiple filtering strategy for faceting
  • dockerfile update
  • useFacet integration inside Home.vue
  • optimise footer social icons
  • switching currency
  • add missing static translations within app via vue-i18n

Please refer to the migration guide for more information.


Bug Fixes

  • add wishlist build fix
  • removing hardcoded categories from HeaderNavigation
  • fixed issues with adding/removing products to/from wishlist
  • fixed doubled review types export
  • fixed navigate to MyAccount page
  • fixed wishlist product prices
  • fixed handleAfterAuth method for customToken
  • bump SFUI version that fixes memory leak
  • fix for ancestors on PDP page over SSR and fix for docs
  • update use cart method for newer one
  • added usage of FiltersSidebar component
  • fixed issue related with building valid query
  • tokenProvider.invalidateTokenInfo() is not a function error
  • update deprecated apollo-link and apollo-client
  • fixes broken usage of customQuery in useProduct composable
  • handle error after createMyOrderFromCart request
  • possibility to add products to the cart/wishlist from related


  • coupon codes display & removal (0e689b1)
  • created product breadcrumbs getter (7260c18)
  • moved packages from enterprise packages (223e649)
  • changed faceting from rest to qraphql (#36) (3eefa3c)
  • use cache mechanism with Redis driver (#29) (6343e66)
  • create template for commercetools integration (#8) (b399f55)
  • refactor of composables (#34) (e5af219)
  • fetch categories with product data (8d0cd0f)
  • preserve categories in enhanced product (1c977aa)
  • useFacet integration inside Home.vue (1e8fd721)
  • add SameSite cookie attribute (9a1f71f0)


  • faceting no longer uses REST API but GraphQL API instead
  • changed organization's name under which we release the commercetools integration from @vue-storefront to @vsf-enterprise

Please refer to the migration guide for more information.



  • Fix UI for Click and Collect (6276)
  • BREAKING Refactor token handling (6329)
  • Fix bug with wrong version UI and resolve problems with parse negative number for css calc method(after upgrading SFUI to 0.11.0-rc.1) (6354)
  • Added server access token (6365)
  • Add @nuxtjs/google-fonts to improve performance (6374)
  • use extractCSS rule in build to make the bundle smaller (6375) - Baroshem
  • BREAKING Update GraphQL API types (6410)
    Shipping address could contain contactInfo object with phone, mobile, email and tax propertiesphone, mobile, email and tax properties should be used directly on the address object, not nested in the contactInfo objectIn the past, the application logged a warning when contactInfo was present on the address object. Now we are deprecating it to match commercetools API@vue-storefront/commercetools-api
  • Prevent cookie creation during SSR (6442)
    Cookies for currency, locale and country were included in SSR responseCookies for currency, locale and country are generated on client sideTo prevent generating cookies during SSR (server-side rendering) and allowing caching, change in the nuxt.config.js file is required. Inside the i18n configuration, you should set the detectBrowserLanguage options to false. Then change the order of loaded modules. In the buildModules configuration, move the @vue-storefront/commercetools/nuxt module before @vue-storefront/nuxt. Lastly, update the Vue components used to switch locales to use the nuxt-link component instead of the a tag. By default it's located in the StoreLocaleSelector.vue file.core
  • BREAKING Update Composition API to 1.2.4 (6452)
    Composition API module was registered internally by Vue Storefront modulesComposition API module must be registered inside projectsPlease refer to the migration guide for more informationTheme




  • BREAKING Fix loading user and cart information (6265)
    loadUser was called directly inside setup method in CartSidebar.vue componentloadUser is called inside onSSR callback in CartSidebar.vue componentCalling loadUser directly inside setup method caused hydration issues, since cart information was not properly loaded during SSR. Additionally cart will now be automatically updated after calling load from the useUser composable, the same way as it happens when calling logIn, logOut and register.commercetools theme
  • Add server-specific API client (6321)


  • Revert changes to Webpack configuration and Google font loading (#6203)


  • BREAKING Enable the purchase of item with selected supply channel and distribution channel (#6161)
    the addToCart method has the signature addToCart ({ id, version }: CartDetails, product: ProductVariant, quantity: number): Promise<CartResponse>;now the addToCart method was change to enable the supply and distribution channels with the signature addToCart ({ id, version }: CartDetails, params: { product: ProductVariant; quantity: number; supplyChannel?: string; distributionChannel?: string;}): Promise<CartResponse>;The composable was changed to match this signature. The changes from Click & Collect / MultiStore are required to use this feature on Product.vueapi-client
  • Added missing mobile menu to CT (#6184)
  • Added customQuery support for useUser factory params (#5883) - vn-vlad
  • Fix locale links in core and commercetools integration (#5886)
  • Remove SSR from personalized elements (#5925)
  • Add "useStore" implementation and plugin for creating locale, currency and country cookies (#5945) - vn-vlad
  • Add forgot password functionality (#5968)
  • Click "Add New Address" button on the Checkout does not submit the form (#5994)
  • Remove generate command from package.json (#6035)
  • Refactor updateCart, fix retry logic in case of mismatch of cart (#6050)
  • BREAKING refactor(commercetools): fix the frontend client bundling the commercetools-sdk and apollo client (#6066) - bloodf
    the "createCommerceToolsConnection" were being exported by the api-clientthe "createCommerceToolsConnection" is not being exported anymoreto use the current connection, you will need to access the context to call the APIapi-client
  • Linked banner grids buttons on homepage (#6070)
  • Replace mocked email address in MyProfile password change tab to active user email (#6079)
  • Removed hardcoded link to category in SearchResults.vue (#6081)
  • Added new product getter getProductSku (#6107)
  • Smartphone only promo code input added (#6112)
  • Updates form validation scheme for street, number and city in the checkout and profile editing pages (#6122)
  • BREAKING updated the removeCoupon interface to match the applyCoupon (#6126)
    the useCart composable method removeCoupon was using this call signature: ({ coupon: COUPON, customQuery?: CustomQuery })the method signature was changed to: ({ couponCode: string, customQuery?: CustomQuery })on each removeCoupon composable usage need to change the "coupon" to "couponCode"composables
  • Add new getter for orders total and change return value of searchOrders (#6132)
  • Phone number validation via awesome-phonenumber (#5951)







  • Adjust Checkout UI (#5343)
  • BREAKING Usage of api middleware (#5361)
    one entrypointmultiple entrypointsWe expose multiple entrypoints for server and client side interactioncommercetools
  • New part of checkout - shipping details, inside core and commercetools (#5419)
  • Added is-authenticated middleware to protect user profile routes from guest access (#5442)
  • Improvements for api middleware (#5500)
  • BREAKING New part of checkout - Billing details, inside core and commercetools (#5552)
    UserBillingAddress works properlyNew API inside Checkout/UserBillingAddress.vueCustomized components to work with new checkoutcommercetools-theme
  • BREAKING Quick search (#5566)
    { changeSearchTerm } = useUiHelpers(){ setTermForUrl } = useUiHelpers();Changed changeSearchTerm name to setTermForUrluseUiHelpers/index.ts,
    { getSearchTermFromUrl } = useUiHelpers();Created new functionuseUiHelpers/index.ts
  • BREAKING Implementation of api middleware (#5577)
customQuery was used as a functioncustomQuery is a key-value objectThe key is a query name, value is the name of a new query function, defined in the middleware configcommercetools
  • BREAKING New Payment API for Checkout (#5587)
    Dedicated composable for whole checkoutDedicated composable for Shipping, Billing and Provider componentsundefinedcommercetools
  • State as a select field at both Checkout and MyAccount (shipping & billing). Support for freeAbove in shipping methods (#5628) - Fifciu


  • fixed error with login to the account (#5613)


  • fix register function from CT useUser composable allows user to log in #5613


  • remove deprecated field description from shipping methods query #5614


  • fix register function from CT useUser composable allows user to log in #5613


  • remove deprecated field description from shipping methods query #5614


  • cover errors in re-try apollo-link that are not comming from graphql (#5548)


  • moved from using attributesList to attributesRaw
  • add 'once' to prevent font reload on each reactivity event (#5513)


  • fixed vue-lazy-hydration dependency in nuxt-theme-module (#5406)


  • fix getOrders api (#5328)
  • added bottom margin to fix visibility of last footer category (#5253)
  • BREAKING refactored names of many factory methods and composable methods, details in linked PR (#5299)
  • BREAKING changed signatures of factory methods to always 2 arguments, details in linked PR (#5299)
  • BREAKING removed totalOrders and totalProducts (#5330)
  • removed formatPrice from useUiHelpers, replaced by vue18n $n function (#5339)
  • added missing i18n tags (#5337)
  • use updated factories useUserBillingFactory, useUserShippingFactory and useWishlistFactory (5350)
  • use updated factories useUserBillingFactory, useUserShippingFactory and useWishlistFactory (5350)
  • fix selecting country on checkout payment and shipping (5386)
  • createMyShoppingList as a restricted anonymous operation


  • updated version of core


  • removed availableFilters and availableSortingOptions from useProduct (#4856)
  • removed @import "~@storefront-ui/vue/styles"; from all components, because SFUI variables and mixins are now available globally and imports will drastically increase bundle size (#5195)
  • enabled "modern mode" in yarn build command (#5203)
  • added missing order getter to get item price (#5231)
  • retry updating the cart with new version if previous request failed due to a version mismatch (#5264)
  • removed logging level from nuxt.config.js to use defaults from core (#5304)
  • fixed broken focus in login form (#5273)
  • fixed select for changing variant on product page (#5281)
  • added token re-try strategy (#5295)
  • added discounts api getter (#5154)
  • added context implementation (#5218)
  • added context typings (5290)


  • fix errors throw by some product getters (#5089)
  • The address contactInfo field is deprecated in the CT api. We have added support for the contact information fields directly in the address and will now show a warning when deprecated field is used (#5083)
  • removed chosenShippingMethod defaulting (#5073)
  • fix useCheckout - set loading fields to false when api-client throws (#5096)


  • customQuery for checkout composables (#5025)
  • api-client apollo client no longer shared between requests (#5056)


  • Remove defaulting for checkout shipping details (#5026)


  • added getTotalReviews and getAverageRating to productGetters (#4958)
  • added '_rating' back to the product (#4958)
  • added mock for user shipping addresses in MyShippingDetails and Checkout's Shipping (#4841)



  • adding ability to overriding isTokenUserSession check in api-client (#4959)


Breaking changes

  • removed '_rating' from product (#4906)


  • Fix types for CT api-client and composables packages (#4924)
  • fixed updateUser on useUser composable (#4863)
  • implemented useReviews on product page (#4800)
  • implemented faceting using useFacet factory (#4853)
  • fixed anonymous token loading (#4917)
  • fixed bugs related to customQuery (#4933 , #4913)


  • refactored setup using apiClientFactory (#4777)