useCart composable

useCart composable allows loading and manipulating cart of the current user.

The state of the cart is kept in Pinia (opens new window) Store and is accessible through useCartStore() composable.

We use Pinia store to keep the same state for Cart across the whole application. There is always one instance of cart no matter how many times you instantiate useCart composable.


useCart composable returns the following properties:

  • load - function that loads the current cart.
  • loadTotalQty - function that pdates the global application state with the current total quantity of the cart.
  • addItem - function that takes in a product and its quantity and adds it to the cart.
  • removeItem - function that removes an item from a cart
  • updateItemQty - function that updates the quantity of an item in a cart
  • clear - function that removes all items from the cart
  • applyCoupon - function that applies a coupon to the cart
  • removeCoupon - function that removes a coupon from the cart
  • isInCart - function that checks whether a product is in the cart
  • setCart - function that sets the contents of the cart
  • canAddToCart - function that checks whether a product can be added to the cart
  • cart - returns the items in the cart as a computed property
  • error - ref that contains an errors from the composable methods
  • loading - ref that contains information whether any of the composable methods is loading


 * Almost every method is extending this type
type ComposableFunctionArgs<T> = T & {
  customQuery?: CustomQuery;
  customHeaders?: CustomHeaders;

type UseCartAddItemParams<PRODUCT> = ComposableFunctionArgs<{
  product: PRODUCT;
  quantity: number;
  productConfiguration?: { [key: string]: string };

type UseCartRemoveItemParams<CART_ITEM> = ComposableFunctionArgs<{
  product: CART_ITEM

type UseCartUpdateItemQtyParams<CART_ITEM> = ComposableFunctionArgs<{
  product: CART_ITEM
  quantity: number

type UseCartClearParams = ComposableFunctionArgs<{
  realCart?: boolean

type UseCartApplyCouponParams = ComposableFunctionArgs<{
  couponCode: string

interface UseCartInterface<CART, CART_ITEM, PRODUCT> {
  load(params?: ComposableFunctionArgs<{ realCart?: boolean }>): Promise<void>;
  loadTotalQty(): Promise<void>;
    params: UseCartAddItemParams<PRODUCT>
  ): Promise<void>;
  removeItem(params: UseCartRemoveItemParams< CART_ITEM>): Promise<void>;
  updateItemQty(params: UseCartUpdateItemQtyParams<CART_ITEM>): Promise<void>;
  clear(params: UseCartClearParams): Promise<void>;
  applyCoupon(params: UseCartApplyCouponParams): Promise<void>;
  removeCoupon(params: ComposableFunctionArgs<{}>): Promise<void>;
  isInCart(PRODUCT): boolean;
  setCart(newCart: CART): void;
  canAddToCart(product: Product, qty: number);
  cart: ComputedRef<CART>;
  loading: Readonly<Ref<boolean>>;
  error: Readonly<Ref<UseCartErrors>>;


cartGetters is a set of helper functions that can be used to get data from the cart. They receive either product or cart object as a parameter and return the data from it.

product parameter

  • getItemName - returns the name of the item
  • getSlug - returns the slug of the item
  • getItemImage - returns the image of the item
  • getItemPrice - returns object with the prices of the item:
    • regular - returns the regular price of the item
    • special - returns the special price of the item
    • credit - returns the credit price of the item
    • discountPercentage - returns the discount percentage of the item
    • total - returns the total price of the item
  • productHasSpecialPrice - returns whether the product has a special price
  • getItemQty - returns the quantity of the item
  • getItemAttributes - returns the attributes of the item
  • getItemSku - returns the sku of the item
  • getConfiguredVariant - returns the configured variant of the item
  • getStockStatus - returns the stock status of the item

cart parameter

  • getItems - returns the items in the cart
  • getTotals - returns object with the total cart prices:
    • total - returns the total price of the cart
    • subtotal - returns the subtotal price of the cart
    • special - returns the special price of the cart
  • getShippingPrice - returns the shipping price of the cart
  • getTotalItems - returns the total quantity of items in the cart
  • getCoupons - returns the coupons applied to the cart
  • getDiscounts - returns the discounts applied to the cart
  • getDiscountAmount - returns the discount amount applied to the cart
  • getAppliedCoupon - returns the applied coupon
  • getSelectedShippingMethod - returns the selected shipping method
  • getAvailablePaymentMethods - returns the available payment methods

cartGetters usage

import cartGetters from '~/modules/checkout/getters/cartGetters';

const productName = cartGetters.getItemName(product);
const productSlug = cartGetters.getSlug(product);
const productImage = cartGetters.getItemImage(product);

const totalItemsInCart = cartGetters.getTotalItems(cart);
const cartItems = cartGetters.getItems(cart);
const cartCoupons = cartGetters.getCoupons(cart);


Adding items to the cart

Add item to the cart and disable the button if the product is out of stock:

      :disabled="loading || !canAddToCart(product, qty)"
      <template #add-to-cart-btn>
          :disabled="loading || !canAddToCart(product, qty)"
          @click="addItem({ product, quantity: parseInt(qty), productConfiguration })"
          Add to cart
<script lang="ts">
const { addItem, canAddToCart, loading } = useCart();

setup() {
  return {

Loading cart

Load user's total quantity of items in the cart:

import { useCart } from '~/modules/checkout/composables/useCart';

const { loadTotalQty, cart } = useCart();

onMounted(async () => {
  await loadTotalQty();

Removing items from the cart

Load user's cart and handle removing items from the cart:

import { useCart } from '~/modules/checkout/composables/useCart';

const {
} = useCart();

onMounted(() => {
  if (! {

const products = computed(() => cartGetters
  .map((item) => ({
    product: {
      ...[(item as ConfigurableCartItem).configured_variant ?? {}],
      original_sku: item.product.sku,

const actionRemoveItem = async (product: CartItemInterface) => {
  await removeItem({ product });
  console.log(product + ' removed from cart');

  await updateItemQty({ product, quantity: 0 });

Applying and removing coupons from the cart

Check if user applied a coupon to the cart and apply or remove it:

const {cart, applyCoupon, removeCoupon, error } = useCart();

const couponCodeUserInput = ref('');

const couponCodeAppliedToCart = computed(() => cartGetters.getAppliedCoupon(cart.value)?.code);
const isCouponCodeApplied = computed(() => couponCodeAppliedToCart.value !== undefined);

const applyOrRemoveCoupon = async () => {
  const operationPromise = isCouponCodeApplied.value
    ? removeCoupon({})
    : applyCoupon({ couponCode: couponCodeUserInput.value });

  await operationPromise;

  couponCodeUserInput.value = '';