Override default queries

To override one or multiple queries without creating a custom composable for each usage, you can override the defaults ones with the customQueries attribute in the middleware.config.jsfile.


Below is the example on how to override the default query for productList.

Overriding query

In this example we will override products query by adding cld_data field that will retrieve Cloudinary image data from Magento.

In order to query cld_data, you need to have Cloudinary Magento extension (opens new window) installed in your Magento project.

  1. Inside the theme's root let's create a customQueries directory, and copy the content of the default productsList query from the /productsList.ts file (Source (opens new window)) into the newly created directory.

You can modify the query inside this file by adding cld_data with fields to the existing query as below:

import gql from 'graphql-tag';

export default gql`
  query productsList($search: String = "", $filter: ProductAttributeFilterInput, $pageSize: Int = 10, $currentPage: Int = 1, $sort: ProductAttributeSortInput) {
    products(search: $search, filter: $filter, pageSize: $pageSize, currentPage: $currentPage, sort: $sort) {
      aggregations {
        options {
      items {
        cld_data {
      page_info {

Make sure you have graphgl-tag installed as dependency prior using this sample code.

  1. In middleware.config.js, import the modified query
import customProductsQuery from './customQueries/productList';
  1. Add a new property field customQueries under integrations.magento with the following code:
module.exports = {
  integrations: {
    magento: {
      customQueries: {
        /* This is where we override the default query */
        productList: (context) => ({ // this key must match the actual query name
          query: customProductsQuery, // Your custom query
  1. Now you can restart your dev environment and view the updated data queried.

thumbnail is a must-have field to query. It is used for our default image rendering via Nuxt Image. Do not remove it from the query in any circumstance.

Important notes

Only attributes presented on ProductInterface are accessible via GraphQL without any additional modification on the Magento side.

To be able to get any custom attributes, you must extend the GraphQL schema in Magento 2. Follow Magento 2 documentation (opens new window) to achieve that.