useCategorySearch composable

useCategorySearch composable allows searching for categories. It is commonly used in navigation menus, and provides the search function and refs for the categories, loading and error.


useCategorySearch composable returns the following properties:

  • search - function that searches for categories using the received filters and updates the categories with the results.
  • result - the list of categories found by the last search. It's null if the search has not been executed yet or fails.
  • error - ref that contains an errors from the composable methods
  • loading - ref that contains information whether any of the composable methods is loading


 * Almost every method is extending this type
type ComposableFunctionArgs<T> = T & {
  customQuery?: CustomQuery;
  customHeaders?: CustomHeaders;

type UseCategorySearchParams = ComposableFunctionArgs<CategorySearchQueryVariables>;

interface UseCategorySearchInterface {
  search(searchParams: UseCategorySearchParams): Promise<void>;
  error: DeepReadonly<Ref<UseCategorySearchErrors>>;
  result: DeepReadonly<Ref<CategoryTree[] | null>>;
  loading: Readonly<Ref<boolean>>;


Search for a category by its uid and get its name:

import { useCategorySearch } from '~/modules/category/composables/useCategorySearch';

const { search } = useCategorySearch();

const myCategory = useAsync(async () => {
  const data = await search({ filters: { category_uid: { "eq": "MjA=" } } });

  return data?.[0] ?? {}

const myCategoryName = computed(() =>;