1.0.0-rc.9 Backward incompatible changes reference

In this document, you can see crucial breaking changes in the 1.0.0-rc.9 comparing to 1.0.0-rc.8 release. To see all changes, please take a look at the release pull request (opens new window)


File what and how it changed
packages/theme/components/Checkout/VsfPaymentProvider.vue names of variables have been changed
packages/theme/components/LoginModal.vue The file has been moved to packages/theme/modules/customer/components/LoginModal/LoginModal.vue
packages/theme/components/NewProducts.vue :is-added-to-cart event argument has been changed
packages/theme/composables/useApi/index.ts From now the useApi use methods from ApiClient (customQuery, customMutation) to communicate with Magento API
packages/theme/composables/useUrlResolver/index.ts changed GraphQL query to the route query
packages/theme/modules/catalog/category/stores/category.ts from now it uses API client to fetch data instead of graphql plugin
packages/theme/modules/catalog/pages/category.vue SfPagination is replaced by the new CategoryPagination components, values of props and variables have been changed
All *.gql.ts files in the theme package changed the gql dependency import from graphq-request to graphql-tag
packages/theme/modules/catalog/product/components/ProductsCarousel.vue :is-added-to-cart event argument has been changed
packages/theme/modules/customer/getters/userShippingGetters.ts getters names have been changed
packages/theme/modules/customer/pages/MyAccount/MyWishlist.vue :is-added-to-cart event argument has been changed
packages/theme/nuxt.config.js GraphQL plugin has been removed
packages/theme/plugins/storeConfigPlugin.ts from now it uses API client to fetch data instead of graphql plugin