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BaseStore interface

Representation of a Base Store BaseStore


export interface BaseStore 


Property Type Description
createReturnProcessCode? string (Optional) Create return process code
currencies? Array<Currency> (Optional) List of currencies
defaultCurrency? Currency (Optional)
defaultDeliveryOrigin? PointOfService (Optional)
defaultLanguage? Language (Optional)
deliveryCountries? Array<Country> (Optional) List of delivery countries
deliveryModes? DeliveryModeList (Optional)
externalTaxEnabled? boolean (Optional) Flag defining is external tax is enabled
languages? Array<Language> (Optional) List of languages
maxRadiusForPosSearch? number (Optional) Maximum radius for searching point of service
name? string (Optional) Base store name
paymentProvider? string (Optional) Payment provider
pointsOfService? Array<PointOfService> (Optional) List of points of service
submitOrderProcessCode? string (Optional) Submit order process code