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OrderEntry interface

Representation of an Order entry OrderEntry


export interface OrderEntry 


Property Type Description
basePrice? Price (Optional)
configurationInfos? Array<ConfigurationInfo> (Optional) Configuration info of order entry
deliveryMode? DeliveryMode (Optional)
deliveryPointOfService? PointOfService (Optional)
entryNumber? number (Optional) Entry number of the order entry
product? Product (Optional)
quantity? number (Optional) Quantity number of items in order entry
quantityAllocated? number (Optional)
quantityCancelled? number (Optional)
quantityPending? number (Optional)
quantityReturned? number (Optional)
quantityShipped? number (Optional)
quantityUnallocated? number (Optional)
totalPrice? Price (Optional)
updateable? boolean (Optional) Flag defining if order entry item is updateable
url? string (Optional)