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UseCartEntriesComposable interface

Composable method allowing to manage cart entries


export interface UseCartEntriesComposable 


Property Type Description
add (props: AddCartEntryProps) => Promise<void> A method for adding an entry to a cart
error ComputedProperty<UseCartEntriesError> An indicator of useCartEntries composable methods errors
get (props: GetCartEntryProps) => OrderEntry A method for getting a cart entry based on product code
getMaxQuantity (props: GetMaxProductQuantityProps) => number A method for getting maximum quantity that can be added to a cart for a given product.
loading ComputedProperty<UseCartEntriesLoading> An indicator of useCartEntries composable methods progress
remove (props: RemoveCartEntryProps) => Promise<void> A method for removing an entry from a cart
update (props: UpdateCartEntryProps) => Promise<void> A method for updating an entry in a cart