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Sponsorship Program

We created the Vue Storefront community sponsorship program to embrace our community and valorize our best contributors. We want to create an ecosystem where developers can embrace the open-source and dedicate more time to open-source development.

How does this program work?

We select developers from the community who contribute the most to the Vue Storefront ecosystem by creating new integrations, extensions, or plugins. We provide them with financial sponsorship, encouraging the development and continuing the excellent work.

How do I join the program?

We have a list of available sponsorship spots. You can join the list by filling up this form (opens new window), and we will contact you as soon as we have an available spot.

How long will the sponsorship be offered for the developer?

We will continuously offer the sponsorship program to the developers as long as they actively work on the selected sponsored projects.

How is the sponsorship being paid?

The sponsorship is paid using the GitHub Sponsorship program or Patreon. There is no other form currently available.

The project has more than one developer maintaining it. How will the sponsorship work?

In this case, we will evaluate the project to see the currently active developers and conduct an interview with all the project developers.

How can I be selected for this program?

We want to give back to the community as much as possible, but we can't sponsor every project. That's why we created rules that will help select the projects and developers to be sponsored.

For Projects

  • must be active in the Vue Storefront ecosystem or be used by any project on the Vue Storefront ecosystem;
  • must exist and be actively maintained for at least three months;
  • must be significant for the ecosystem, provide a solution or tools that help the developers, and have active users.

For Developers:

  • must be active in the Vue Storefront Discord server;
  • must be active in the Vue Storefront or Vue ecosystem, creating issues, PRs, or helping the development in one of these projects;
  • cannot be part of the Vue Storefront team or do any paid work for Vue Storefront;

After this initial validation, the Open-Source team of Vue Storefront will analyze your appliance form and give you feedback on the application.

To participate in the program, please fill the form (opens new window), and we will contact you 😃