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How to get help?

Feel invited to join our community at Discord (opens new window) - this is the place, where you can ask your questions, start interesting discussions, and meet Vue Storefront Core Team Members.

Check out our Twitter (opens new window) to get the latest news and announcements.

How to ask for help?

First, check our docs page - your answer may be already available there. Use the search feature - this will allow you to find specific sections quickly. While submitting a bug or feature request, search for possible duplicates - there is no reason to open a new issue when a similar one already exists.

When possible, try to provide all the necessary information to reproduce the issue. If you encounter difficulties while following docs guides - always add links to specific pages/sections. Attach relevant logs, error messages, or screenshots to make your question easier to answer.

Found an Issue?

If you would like to submit a bug or have a feature suggestion, visit our project GitHub page (opens new window) and create an issue.

Consulting services

If you need more help or advice, please visit our Professional Services page (opens new window). We can help you with:

  • Code review
  • Production-ready sealing
  • DevOps setup
  • Core Team consultation

We can assist you with project setup and resolving any problems. With technical workshops, you'll get up to speed with Vue Storefront development.