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Paid feature

This feature is part of the Enterprise version. Please contact our Sales team (opens new window) if you'd like to use it in your project.


This package provides integration with Bazaarvoice (opens new window).

Bazaarvoice (BV) provides two SDKs to integrate with their platform - bvapi.js and bv.js. The latter is recommended because of the performance improvements, and this is what is package uses under the hood.

We recommend reading this documentation page (opens new window) before using the package.


Install the required package:

yarn add @vsf-enterprise/bazaarvoice

Register its Nuxt module with the following configuration:

// nuxt.config.js

export default {
  buildModules: [
    ['@vue-storefront/nuxt', {
      useRawSource: {
        dev: [
          // other packages
        prod: [
          // other packages
        clientName: '',
        siteId: '',
        environment: '',
        locale: ''
  • clientName - the lowercase name of the client provided by Bazaarvoice.
  • siteId - the ID of the zone coming from the Bazaarvoice configuration hub. Defaults to main_site.
  • environment - the deployment environment. Valid values are production and staging. Defaults to staging.
  • locale - the locale used by the library, e.g. en_US.

Domain allowlist

For security reasons, Bazaarvoice uses an allowlist of allowed domains.

Use localhost

If you get an Uncaught Bazaarvoice is not configured for the domain error in the console when working locally, try using localhost instead of the IP address provided by the Nuxt (eg. localhost:3000).


@vsf-enterprise/bazaarvoice exports few Vue.js components and useBazaarvoice composable.


useBazaarvoice composable returns two computed properties:

  • loading - indicates whether BV loader finished initialization.
  • settings - object containing package configuration.


The following components are available, but some require additional features to be enabled. Please refer to Bazaarvoice documentation linked above for more information.

Performance matters

Bazaarvoice library has to load few resources and make some API calls. To improve the overall performance of the application, it's loaded only when one of the components from the library is used.


The inline rating component displays the average rating and the total number of reviews. It can be used on a category or search page and will make only one call per page, even if used multiple times.

<BvInlineRating productId="PRODUCT_ID" />


Questions component displays questions and answers provided by the customers regarding the specific product.

<BvQuestions productId="PRODUCT_ID" />


The rating summary component (also called "fast stars") displays the average rating, the total number of reviews, and rating distribution when hovered.


When the component is clicked, it will scroll to BvReviews component. However, if the component is not visible by default (eg. is used in tab component), you can use onReviewsClick prop to pass a function to handle it.


The reviews highlights component shows a high-level summary of ratings and reviews.

<BvReviewHighlights productId="PRODUCT_ID" />


The reviews component has a button to add a new review but also displays a list of ratings and reviews, rating distribution, and many more.

<BvReviews productId="PRODUCT_ID" />


Seller rating component displays up to 12 four- and five-star reviews.

<BvSellerRatings />