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Migrating projects to 2.3.0-rc.3


This release mainly contains bug fixes and some new features, as we are getting closer to the stable 2.3.0 release.


  • Fixed error property clearing in useUser.
  • Improved error handling in Server Middleware. When the request to the external backend fails, Server Middleware now returns HTTP 500 code with the error message in the body.
  • Added extendApp to Server Middleware extensions (ApiClientExtension interface). It allows direct access to the Express server instance.

We also made changes to the following files:

  • updated components/LoginModal.vue,
  • updated layouts/default.vue,
  • removed unused helpers/filters/getFiltersForUrl.js,
  • removed unused helpers/filters/getFiltersFromUrl.js,
  • removed unused helpers/filters/index.js.