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Migrating projects to 2.3.0


This release is the first one we officially call Vue Storefront 2 (previously Vue Storefront Next). We hosted Vue Storefront Summit 2021, which you can learn more about in our blog post (opens new window). During the Summit, we announced many new eCommerce integrations and move from Slack to Discord server. Join us (opens new window) to stay up-to-date and ask for help.

In this release, we focused on bug fixes and test coverage but also introduced few changes.


  • Added new v-e2e directive. It adds data-e2e attribute to the element in development mode or when app is ran with NUXT_ENV_E2E environment variable and can be used as selectors for E2E tests.
  • Added E2E (cypress) tests.
  • Updated Storefront UI to the latest version.
  • Fix hydration bug on the Category page.
  • Added support for custom queries in methods in useUserBilling and useUserShipping composables.
  • [BREAKING] Added changeToCategoryListView and renamed toggleCategoryGridView to changeToCategoryGridView in composables/useUiState.ts.

We also made changes to the following files:

  • updated components/AppFooter.vue,
  • updated components/AppHeader.vue,
  • updated components/BottomNavigation.vue,
  • updated components/CartSidebar.vue,
  • updated components/Checkout/VsfPaymentProvider.vue,
  • updated components/Checkout/VsfShippingProvider.vue,
  • updated components/LocaleSelector.vue,
  • updated components/LoginModal.vue,
  • updated components/RelatedProducts.vue,
  • updated components/SearchResults.vue,
  • updated components/TopBar.vue,
  • updated components/WishlistSidebar.vue,
  • updated layouts/account.vue,
  • updated layouts/default.vue,
  • updated layouts/error.vue,
  • updated pages/Category.vue,
  • updated pages/Checkout/Billing.vue,
  • updated pages/Checkout/Payment.vue,
  • updated pages/Checkout/Shipping.vue,
  • updated pages/Checkout/ThankYou.vue,
  • updated pages/Home.vue,
  • updated pages/MyAccount.vue,
  • updated pages/MyAccount/BillingDetails.vue,
  • updated pages/MyAccount/LoyaltyCard.vue,
  • updated pages/MyAccount/MyNewsletter.vue,
  • updated pages/MyAccount/MyProfile.vue,
  • updated pages/MyAccount/MyReviews.vue,
  • updated pages/MyAccount/OrderHistory.vue,
  • updated pages/MyAccount/ShippingDetails.vue,
  • updated pages/Product.vue.