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Alokai Cloud

Alokai Cloud

Alokai Cloud is a blazing fast cloud infrastructure fitted to Alokai. Our cloud isn't only a compute power. We prepared custom, intelligent algorithms to optimize and speed-up your Alokai instance and provide your customers the best eCommerce experience.

Problems Alokai Cloud will solve for you

The mission of our cloud is to speed-up and help with the growth of your eCommerce. We know what problems you face every day. We're doing our best to solve those for you. Below, you'll find just a few of them that Alokai Cloud can easily address.

Slow, useless eCommerce platform

The time is money. Not different is in the eCommerce world. You can have great, beautiful and useful products. But if your platform is slow, you lose money with each delay in page load time.

Solution: Alokai Cloud provides blazing-fast cloud infrastructure for your Alokai instance. Yes. It sounds arrogant :) But we know what we do. In a typical environment we use:

  • cloud-native compute power on Google Cloud Platform. Our images, containers, tools use Kubernetes. Kubernetes is the best orchestration tool in the world, made by Google. Where can those work better?
  • CDN - the last mile to the customer is the most important. You can have the fastest servers, but if you distribute your page across geographic locations, it can't be fast. In our cloud, we use the fastest CDN solution provided by Cloud.
  • server-side rendering - Alokai Cloud is fitted to Alokai. We provide server-side rendering for cache and distribute content across geographic locations. No more lost the time to fetch API, prepare layout and distribute to each customer separately.
  • instant eCommerce page load - thanks to our algorithm we can warm up CDN EDGEs before customers need them.

Long time to market

Setting a secure, scalable, and fast eCommerce platform is a complex and difficult task.

Solution: With Alokai Cloud you get a production-ready environment. You don't need to design a system, prepare servers, configure software or network connection. You don't need to spend a lot of time and pay a lot of money before you start selling. Everything of that, we give you out of the box.

Dev Ops knowledge

To start the development of the new eCommerce project you need to have development environments. Preparing development flow, the configuration of continuous integration, and continuous delivery is very hard and there are very few specialists on the market.

Solution: we provide a fully configured development environment for you. Everything that you need, we give you on the first day. You get:

  • repository with boilerplate project
  • configured CI/CD
  • test environment to develop
  • production environment to grow up your business

All your team needs to do is "git clone" and start the development.

Lack of flexibility

If you choose boxed solutions, you have a lot of limitations. How many times have you heard: NO?

  • Can I have new functionalities? - NO
  • Can I integrate with ... partner? - NO
  • Can I have an extra environment? - NO

Solution: Our cloud platform is fully flexible. We can change everything for you, and you can choose whatever you want. You can:

  • run custom middleware to modify or extend API
  • modify Alokai code
  • change default CI/CD tool
  • connect with your CDN
  • do everything that you dreamed.


Security in eCommerce is important and difficult. You work with customer's sensitive data, get the payments, etc. Shop platforms have many layers and making a mistake is very easy.

Solution: We prepare a cloud platform with security by design. It's super important for us. We always encrypt data-in-transit. We don't collect any sensitive data. We implemented very strict procedures and regularly evaluate all of them. We use modern penetration tests and security scanning.

Support 24/7

On Internet, you can sell at any time. But after working hours, you don't get support if something is wrong?

Solution: In Alokai Cloud you have support by default. Our support team tries to help with every problem that comes up with working on Alokai. You can write to us at any time you need, even at midnight ;) Monitoring tools check if everything works correctly all the time.

Benefits you take

  • instant eCommerce page load
  • security
  • scalability
  • flexibility
  • everything you need to start and grow business out of the box
  • support

What's next?

If you want to learn more check the key concepts behind Alokai Cloud to understand how it works.