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The Alokai Cloud instance is a Kubernetes namespace - that namespace is a logicaly separated area of the cluster which contains components required for application to function properly.

The number of instances you get access to depends on your agreeement with Alokai. A common scenario is that you get access to two instances from the Alokai Cloud team - prod and non-prod.


Each instance includes the following services (Kubernetes pods):

NAME                                      READY   STATUS             RESTARTS   AGE
nginx-5475cc5996-jqdg5                    1/1     Running            1          28d
nginx-5475cc5996-kczc6                    1/1     Running            1          28d
vue-storefront-6fbbb884b4-6ncvb           1/1     Running            0          42d
vue-storefront-6fbbb884b4-vrdrp           1/1     Running            0          39d


This service is a reverse proxy for Alokai application and every additional application.


It is your Alokai application.

Additional application (optional)

You might want to extend the functionality of your Alokai application - to do that, you deploy additional service with your custom application. It will be visible as an additional pod (or pods):

NAME                                         READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
additional-app-middleware-58756b7fd8-2wcr4   1/1     Running   0          26d
additional-app-middleware-58756b7fd8-g9ntj   1/1     Running   0          26d
nginx-5475cc5996-jqdg5                       1/1     Running   1          28d

Read more about custom applications here.

Instance naming convention

Your instances are named according to the following convention:



for example: demo-europe-west1-gcp-storefrontcloud-io



for example: demo-test-europe-west1-gcp-storefrontcloud-io


The instances are bound to the public URL addresses. Communication is secured by SSL certificate which is generated on Kubernetes Ingress level. Each instance gets a default public domain that follows below pattern:

  • <customer-name>.<cloud-region>

You can configure custom domains for your instances. Check Custom domain and custom certificate page for more information.

Alokai Cloud Architecture Diagram with Data Flow

This diagram is a graphical representation of an environment and data flow in Alokai Cloud on Google Cloud and Kubernetes.

Alokai Cloud Architecture