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Docker Registry

Docker Registry

This version of the documentation is related to Vue Storefront V1 and is marked as deprecated. If you use Vue Storefront Next please visit recent version.

All images generated in the build process are stored in our Docker Registry. Access to the registry is limited only for the Storefront Cloud users. Registry is available under address

By default images are tagged by git hash, ex: Only for git tags images are tagged by git tag It is managed by CI and configuration is in .gitlab-ci.yml file, default configuration is like below.

    - echo "{\"auths\":{\"$REGISTRY_URL\":{\"username\":\"$REGISTRY_USER\",\"password\":\"$REGISTRY_PASSWORD\"}}}" > /kaniko/.docker/config.json
    - TAG=${CI_COMMIT_SHA:0:8}
    - if [ -n "$CI_COMMIT_TAG" ]; then TAG=$CI_COMMIT_TAG; fi
    - /kaniko/executor --context $CI_PROJECT_DIR --dockerfile $CI_PROJECT_DIR/dev/docker/Dockerfile --destination $REGISTRY_IMAGE:$TAG

Access Data

Login and password are stored as GitLab Variables in project configuration as variable REGISTRY_USER and REGISTRY_PASSWORD.


Images Live Time

All images with a tag other than compatible with Semantic Versioning are removed after 30 days.

How does it work? Look at the examples below.

taglive time
dc7b0af230 days days
some_name30 days
1.3.4-dev30 days

Important note: For the production environment only tags compatible with Semantic Versioning should be used.