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Switch POD

Switch POD

To switch the current POD, you should run:

node scripts/cli.js pod

This command will run the interactive UI to switch the POD:

Another option, if you already know your POD name, is to run this command in silent mode:

node scripts/cli.js pod --pod=vue-storefront-848799bd5d-zvcd4

This will set the current POD to vue-storefront-848799bd5d-zvcd4. Note: You may also switch the POD by using the role name. The following command:

node scripts/cli.js pod --pod=front

... will also set the current POD to vue-storefront-848799bd5d-zvcd4

The current POD, along with the current Namespace name, will be used with all subsequent cli calls setting the proper context. You may also use the --pod=<podname>|<rolename> to switch the POD ad-hoc.