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Alokai Enterprise

Alokai Enterprise

Alokai Enterprise is a commercial offering from the Alokai team that gives you all the tools you need to launch your shop and provides you with ready-to-use integrations that will reduce your project's development time and cost.

The Enterprise license offers everything available in our open-source projects, plus:

  • Alokai Cloud infrastructure optimized for performance and safety, which includes CDN, DDoS protection, and high SLA
  • Alokai Console to manage your Alokai Cloud projects
  • Additional Integrations with Enterprise-grade eCommerce platforms and third-party services
  • Technical Support and SLA to ensure you're set for success
  • and more...

How to use Enterprise Packages

Once you have access to our enterprise license, you can connect to our private repository that hosts the @vsf-enterprise packages.

To use them, create the .npmrc file with the following content at the root of your project:


Then run the following command and enter your Alokai Enterprise account credentials:

npm login --registry