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Alokai Customization Guide

Alokai Customization Guide

Alokai is not a cookie-cutter solution, it is meant to be able to handle even the most complex use cases. This guide will take you through the most common customization scenarios. We aim to cover end-to-end implementation of realistic business requirements.

Some of the customizations you'll do throughout this guide are:

  • Customizing the logo image
  • Adjusting the theme colors
  • Inserting a pre-header
  • Implementing i18n (internationalization)
  • Modifying the look and feel of various components
  • Implementing a filter search feature
  • Creating a new page with a list of brands
  • Adding an "available for pickup" feature - add custom fields to our unified data model
  • Customizing the product slug to change the PDP URL
  • Fetching product reviews from an external service
  • Building a completely new feature from scratch. You will mock a "social product images" feature

Please bear in mind that this guide is not exhaustive - Alokai offers some more features that you can find in our documentation:


This guide assumes that:

  • you've gone through the Alokai Next.js guide.
  • you have access to Alokai Enterprise
  • you have an Alokai starter project provided by the Alokai team
  • you have access to SAP Commerce Cloud OCC API instance (you can use our demo instance)

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