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PaymentDetails interface

Representation of a Payment Details PaymentDetails


export interface PaymentDetails 


Property Type Description
accountHolderName? string (Optional) Name of account holder
billingAddress? Address (Optional)
cardNumber? string (Optional) Payment card number
cardType? CardType (Optional)
defaultPayment? boolean (Optional) Flag to mark if payment the default one
expiryMonth? string (Optional) Month of expiration of payment
expiryYear? string (Optional) Year of expiration of payment
id? string (Optional) Unique identifier of payment detail
issueNumber? string (Optional) Issue number
saved? boolean (Optional) Flag to mark if payment is saved one
startMonth? string (Optional) Start month from which payment is valid
startYear? string (Optional) Start year from which payment is valid
subscriptionId? string (Optional) Identifier of subscription