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Multi-language Support

Multi-language Support

Configure your Alokai Storefront to support multiple languages with both static and dynamic content.

Multi-language can be implemented by switching the language settings based on a cookie. This change only requires the frontend adjustments to ensure that the proper cookie is set and passed to your backend.

Alokai Storefront uses a vsf-locale cookie to handle i18n. This cookie is used to request a certain language for your Alokai integrations, such as e-commerce platforms and CMS. The vsf-locale cookie is set by the storefront and used by the middleware to determine which language to use.

  • The vsf-locale cookie is used to set the language used by Alokai integrations
  • useLocation can be used to help interact with the vsf-locale cookie.
  • next-i18next and @nuxtjs/i18n are used to handle static content translations, locale detection, and i18n routing. ::