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Storefront Modules

Storefront Modules add additional functionality to your Storefront. They are quick to install and fully customizable for your business needs.

They can contain business logic, components, or any other code that you can extend your Storefront.

Modules are currently under development

We are working to build storefront modules and the CLI to install them. This documentation will be updated as more modules become available.


Unlike traditional NPM packages, modules are installed by adding the source code to your Next or Nuxt project. With full transparency over the code, you can customize the module to adjust the business logic, match your UI themes, or make any other changes you might need.

Modules are installed using our Storefont CLI. You can see the specific command for a module in its documentation.

The Storefront CLI is only available through our enterprise NPM registry, so be sure that you have followed our enterprise guides to get access.