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Getting started

Getting started

To start your journey with Storefront, you need to have a working environment. Alokai Solution Engineers will provide you with everything you need to start developing your application.

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  1. Node.js

The expected versions of Node.js can be found in the .nvmrc file. If you're new to this ecosystem, we encourage you to install NVM (Node Version Manager) for easier management of Node versions.

  1. Yarn

We use Yarn package manager. If you don't have it, please follow the official Yarn installation guide.


Once Alokai Solution Engineers provide you with the access to the repository, you can clone it, initialize and install the dependencies.

yarn run init

This command will initialize the project and install all dependencies for every package in the monorepo and you're ready to go.

Development mode running

To serve the application locally, run:

yarn dev

Depending on your project configuration you should be able to access the applications under following links:

Visit the local Storefront link to see your application. You're now ready to start your journey with Storefront

Getting Started Repository Result


Storefront uses Turborepo to manage the monorepository. Learn more about it and other technologies at Storefront Tech Stack guide.

Each application in the monorepo has its own package.json file, which contains the scripts section. Turborepo allows us to run the same command in every package at once.

In the root directory, you can find the turbo.json file with a list of configured the monorepo commands. In order to run them, check package.json file scripts section.

List of available commands:

  • lint - run ESLint in every package
  • format - run Prettier in every package
  • test:unit - run tests in every package
  • build - run build command in every package
  • dev - run development server in every app
    • dev:next - run development server only with Next.js app
    • dev:nuxt - run development server only with Nuxt app

If a package doesn't have the appropriate command, Turborepo will skip it.


You've successfully set up your Storefront project and are now ready to start developing your application. Next, learn more about the Storefront architecture.