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CDN metrics

CDN metrics

From the Side Navigation, choose Caching layer -> CDN metrics.

CDN works only for instances that don't use Basic Auth and are deployed to Alokai Console and Google Cloud Platform. If you don't have CDN enabled for your instance please follow the steps on how to enable it as described here. In order for the CDN metrics to be visible, there needs to be traffic to the instance.


Alokai Console offers insights into various CDN metrics to help optimize the performance and delivery of your Alokai application. It can provide valuable information about bandwidth, hit rate, and other metrics, allowing you to fine-tune your CDN settings for a better user experience.

Alokai Console CDN metrics.
The CDN metrics page displays several different CDN metrics. Hover over the graph for detailed information about a particular metric.

When on, the Deployments toggle will display vertical dotted indicators on the charts. These indicators show the exact date when a deployment was done, making it easier to correlate a change in logs/metrics charts with a certain deployment.

The list of all the available metrics can be seen below:

Hit ratePercentage %
Fill rateKiB/s
Response codesRequests