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From the Instance on the Side Navigation, choose Settings -> Security.

The Security page allows you to configure the security aspects of your instance such as Basic Auth or IP Whitelist.

Basic Access Authentication

To secure unauthorized access to the instance, you can enable a login and password prompt for incoming traffic. To do this, select Add, then enter the requested login and password. From now on, Basic Auth will be enabled, and relevant information will be visible on the tab.

To change the username and password, select Edit, then make your changes and choose Update to save.

If you want to disable Basic Auth, select Edit, then choose Remove data on the modal and confirm the action. The information about Basic Auth being enabled should change in the section.

Important! Basic Auth will not be required for IP addresses in the Whitelist.

IP Whitelist

The IP Whitelist allows you to restrict access to the instance to only defined IP addresses. After configuring it, only the IP addresses listed here will be able to view and use the deployed instance.

Enabling and disabling the IP Whitelist is independent of the added IP addresses, which you can add earlier and then activate using the switch within the section.

Similarly, you can edit and remove added IP addresses without disabling the IP Whitelist functionality.

Important! If you have Basic Auth and IP Whitelist enabled simultaneously:

  • For addresses on the IP Whitelist, Basic Auth is not required
  • For addresses outside the IP Whitelist, Basic Auth will be required