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From the Side Navigation, choose Caching layer -> Redis.

Redis is an open-source in-memory storage, used as a distributed, in-memory key–value database, cache and message broker, with optional durability. At Alokai, Google Cloud Platform service called Memorystore is used as a managed Redis solution.

Learn more about Memorystore here

It is used to cache page response of your Storefront application to deliver it next time much faster and in general improve performance of your website.


Alokai Console offers insights into various Redis metrics to help:

  • Get a better understanding of usage.
  • Make informed decisions about configurations.
  • Troubleshoot problems more easily.
Alokai Console Redis metrics.
The Redis page displays several Redis metrics. Hover over the graph for detailed information about a particular metric.

The list of all available metrics can be seen below:

cpuCPUCPU seconds
memorymax-memoryMemory (MiB)
memoryusageMemory (MiB)
database-keyskeysKeys (k)
database-keyskeys-with-expirationKeys (k)

Displaying metrics is not supported for certain implementations of Redis. Contact your Customer Success Manager to upgrate or visit our Support

Invalidate Cache

Clearing cache is useful after deploying a new version of your storefront. This helps you avoid situations of serving out of date page content but instead serve a freshly generated storefront content that will be cached after first next request.

This section also show the last date of cache clear so that you can keep track of the up to date state of your data.