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  • From the Side Navigation, choose Configuration -> General
  • On the Organizations page, locate the desired Organization and select Manage

Features available only for Organization Owner.

Changing name

The ability to change the organization's name is only available to the Owner.

Copy access credentials

As an Organization Owner, you have access to preview and copy the Access credentials.

Access credentials are used to deploy the Vue Storefront application to Alokai Cloud via the Alokai Console. The same credentials are also used for accessing the private NPM Registry where enterprise packages are stored. These packages are used to build advanced features of your e-commerce website.

If you would like to learn more about Docker Registry and Docker images, visit Alokai Cloud documentation.

Generating a new token

If you happen to lose the CLOUD_PASSWORD value or wish to change it, there is a way of generating a new token with a completely new value.

To do so, click the Change Token button and confirm the operation by clicking Generate on the opened modal.

After generating a new token you will need to update its value in your deployment workflow

Deleting organization

To successfully delete the Organization, the Organization Owner must first delete all the instances belonging to the Organization. This information is communicated when attempting to delete the Organization.