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The Domains Page allows you to modify settings related to the domain of your instance. Here, you can add and configure WWW Redirects, Default Domains, and manage Custom Domains

Default Domain

Important! To disable the Default domain, you need to enable Custom domains first.

Custom Domains

Here, you can add a custom domain that will be added to your instance as one of the domains/URLs where the application will be configured to be accessible. Keep in mind that this will require proper configuration in your DNS provider to make it work.

Important information:

  • To enable Custom Domains, at least one domain must be added beforehand.
  • To disable Custom Domains, the Default domain must be enabled beforehand.
  • By removing the last domain from the list, the Custom Domains feature will be disabled.
  • You cannot edit a domain for which an SSL is set.

If you would like to learn more about Domains, visit Alokai Cloud documentation here

WWW Redirect

The feature is deprecated.