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SAP Commerce Cloud: B2B Core

SAP B2B Core module is a set of core API methods that will ease the process transforming SAP B2C into B2B version. Some of the B2C features are also available in B2B, but there are some changes under the hood due to differences in SAPCC Api. This module will help you to implement those features in your Storefront.


This module focuses on the user and the cart handling. It includes methods for:

  • logging in as a B2B user
  • adding products to the cart
  • updating the cart
  • removing products from the cart
  • getting B2B user details
  • updating user details


Add the module files

To install the module, you need an enterprise license and credentials. Contact your Customer Support Manager if you're already a customer. If you're not a customer yet, contact our sales team.

From the root of your project run the following command:

npx @vsf-enterprise/storefront-cli add-module sap-b2b -e sapcc-b2b

Follow the instructions in the command line to complete the installation. To make sure the installation is finished, go to the apps/storefront-middleware/sf-modules folder and check if there's a folder named sap-b2b inside.

Middleware Extension

This module adds additional, SAP-specific middleware methods. Make sure to use override version of those methods in the Unified extension to start using the SAP-B2B module.

// storefront-middleware/integrations/sapcc/extensions/unified.ts

import { b2bCoreOverrideMethods } from "@sf-modules-middleware/sap-b2b"; // ...

export const unifiedApiExtension = createUnifiedExtension({
   methods: {      override: {        ...b2bCoreOverrideMethods     },    }, // ...

Frontend Implementation

The frontend implementation is not required for this module. It's a middleware extension that will override SAP B2C methods for the SAP B2B ones.

With these steps, you're ready and set to start developing your B2B Storefront with SAP Commerce Cloud.